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.SmartRead SDK  7.0

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4.Mandarin Female TTS [Mina] 4.8

SmartRead PocketText to Speech (TTS) on Microsoft Mobile.
  SmartRead for PPC 4.0
  SmartRead for SP 4.0

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Read  Chinese - English mixedly,   text to MP3                   
   SmartRead Editor 1.6

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Mandarin Female TTS [Mina]

smartreadvoice_softreg.GIF (3904 bytes)
  Mandarin female TTS Engine  is to establishes in the SAPI 5 system foundation, read simplified and traditional Chinese character.

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SmartRead SDK



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Realize read mixed with Chinese and English, VB, VC, Delphi,BCB,PB,VFP,examples.
    SmartRead SDK 7.0

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Software that translate text to speech, reads text in Chinese or English.
SmartRead 0.80

Free Software, Free Download    .




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